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Eleven new ways to use text message marketing
Scott Navratil

Growth in the mobile marketing industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Each year more and more businesses turn to text message marketing to reach their target audience. Many businesses however make the mistake of limiting their options when it comes to their SMS campaign. Too many businesses make it entirely about selling their product. But there are so many other ways to use SMS, and the best campaigns combine several of them to reach their target audience. If you’re stuck in a rut with text message marketing, here are eleven new things you can try.


Make SMS marketing fun by turning it into a game for your customers. Offer incentives and the only cost to play is a text. It’s a great way to build a text message phone number list and get customers excited about your business.

Instant updates

Because text messaging is instantaneous and most people will read their texts within minutes, it’s a great way to send time-sensitive information such as updates on a shipment, or something that requires them to take some kind of action.

Point of sale discounts

You can use SMS to drive traffic into your brick and mortar location by offering point of sale discounts via text. They need to opt in to receive your texts first, and they need to personally visit your business to get the deal. Not only do you get more people on your SMS list but you get more customers in your store.

Presale discounts

You don’t have to wait until a sale to text your most loyal customers to tell them about it. By giving your customers a heads up, you ensure that more people will find out about it and the sale will bring in bigger crowds.

Product launches

If you’re coming out with a new product, there’s no better way to get your customers excited about it than to text them exclusive information about it before anyone else. This ensures more sales of the new product and makes customers feel appreciated and important.

Confirmation messages

Sending a confirmation message to customers to let them know that some action has been completed is a simple way to show customers that you’re looking out for them and trying to simplify their lives.

Missed opportunities

Another great way to show customers you care is by letting them know when they are missing out on an opportunity or not fully taking advantage of a service they’re paying for.


Another way to provide great customer service is to send reminders via text. You can help them keep track of important information, dates, and appointments.

Time saving

Make your customers’ lives easier by making it possible for them to do certain tasks via text. For instance, some business allow customers to send payments by text rather than making them come in person or log in to a website.


Informational texts, when used sparingly, can be a great way to generate excitement about your brand and break up the monotony.


Finally, texting is a great way to poll your customers and gain invaluable feedback which you can in turn use to improve your customers’ experience with your brand.


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