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Enhancing Consumers’ Mobile Shopping Experience
Scott Navratil

Consumers have embraced mobile marketing thanks to smartphone and tablet technologies.  With the click of a button consumers can make purchases from the comfort of their own home, which is appealing to consumers who cannot always leave the house to shop when they need to.  Companies love that they can reach out to a broad number of consumers through their mobile devices as well, and they continue to see business grow now that companies can easily be accessed from smartphones and tablets.  Now that mobile shopping is so popular, companies are in constant competition with one another to win consumers over with exciting and unique websites, but the key to successful mobile marketing ultimately comes down to convenience.  If websites are easy to use and are accessible not only from desk tops but also from mobile devices, consumers will continually give business to those companies.

Keeping content under control

Companies often make the mistake of overloading their websites and mobile marketing tactics with content.  Content is obviously important, but companies need only post and promote the most beneficial content in order to keep websites light and easy to follow.  Overwhelming consumers with content will likely push them away.  Consumers like to receive information quickly, and if they have to read through a ton of content they will quickly be turned off.  Content should be easily viewed from whatever device consumers are using, which is particularly important for smartphones and small mobile devices because trying to view a content heavy website on a small screen can be enough to lose business.

Consumer loyalty points from mobile activity

According to Mobile Marketer, Office Depot has made their mobile marketing tactics even more convenient for consumers while gaining more business in return.  The company has decided to allow consumers to earn loyalty rewards points from their online purchases ultimately leading to more business.  Loyalty rewards often drove business into the store, but Office Depot has quickly discovered that in-store business is not the only way they can see income and that online sales are quickly becoming more popular thanks to mobile technology.  Companies should promote online sales as much as in-store sales in order to gain interest from consumers.  Consumers like the idea that they can access their favorite businesses physically or from their mobile devices, and companies should take advantage of mobile marketing in order to give their consumers a more pleasant shopping experience.

Convenience, convenience, convenience

We live in a society of consumers who are looking for the most convenient ways to get what they want when they want it.  Mobile technology brings a lot of convenience to consumers’ lives, and companies should become part of the mobile world in order to make life more convenient for their consumers.  Consumers are more likely to bring business to companies who are easily accessible from their mobile devices.  Companies should have a strong mobile presence if they want to see success because of the convenience.


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