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Ensuring your safety: Apple Watch health data
Scott Navratil

The one thing on everyone’s minds with the Apple Watch is whether or not it is really all that secure to keep personal health information on the devices. With all the talk of iOS data security breaches lately, many people aren’t trusting of the new health data services, especially the FTC. In fact, rumors have spread that the reason for the delay in releasing the Apple Watch is because security hasn’t been improved enough to get the backing of government groups or health organizations. So, is the Apple watch health data really secure? Or should you avoid getting it?

Apple tells the FTC

According to Reuters, the FTC has been worried about the idea of the Apple Watch collecting and using sensitive health information, especially considering the laws already in place to protect people from having this sensitive information stolen. Because of this, the FTC has actually asked Apple for assurances that the Apple Watch health data will be secured and won’t be something that can be easily hacked. One particular concern is that Apple will actually sell the health data to third party companies in order to make extra profit, which Apple has denied heavily. In fact, Apple has been meeting regularly with the FTC and other health organizations all over the world to ensure that private information is kept safe and that nobody needs to worry about losing this personal information.

All about the HealthKit platform

The idea that Apple came up with to set itself apart from the competition with the Apple Watch was to provide customers with the HealthKit platform. HealthKit is an app that connects the Apple Watch and iPhone to each other to track health information. This information can be used on a personal level to keep track of basic health patterns and may also be sent to your healthcare provider to help them with diagnosis or recovery management. Apple says that the whole app was created with privacy in mind because it allows a user to store personal information and then share it with those they feel need to have it.

What else can the Apple Watch too?

You may be wondering how the Apple Watch can work for you, especially if you are not interested in tracking and monitoring health information at all. Well, the good news is that the Apple Watch should be able to send and receive text messages. As a business, you’ll want to stay up to date on your text marketing because this will be a perfect way to continue to market to and communicate with your customers. As more people adapt to wearable technology, you’ll want to make sure you are on top of the latest technology trends in order to stay on top in your industry.


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