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Even Queen Elizabeth II uses technology!
Scott Navratil

You might have been wondering how to reach all your customers in the best way possible because reaching everyone is the hardest part about marketing. A billboard will only impact those who drive past it, and only those who watch commercials will see your advertisement on TV. But did you know that you can reach everyone through text? In fact, even Queen Elizabeth II is getting on board with current technology, showing that you can reach everyone through text.

The Information Age exhibition

While attending the Information Age exhibition, the Queen was shown using an iPad, to which a tweet was then sent from her Twitter account. This was the first time she had sent a tweet, making history. According to E News, the tweet simply states that the queen was excited to be at the exhibition and was hoping everyone would enjoy themselves. But the fact of the matter is that Queen Elizabeth II herself has been very open to technology and using it. And she is 88 years old.

Marketing to everyone

As a marketer, this is exciting news because it means that you can reach anyone in any age or from any generation by simply contacting them through technology. No matter how old or prominent your customers are, they still have cell phones, and they still send and receive text messages. Even the people who haven’t upgraded to smartphones will still get your texts.

Not everyone uses a smartphone

The only real trouble you may run into is that not everyone uses a smartphone. You are very limited in the amount of social media advertising or email advertising you can do knowing that not all of your customers will have access to getting your messages or seeing your marketing right away. That is why texting is so important. Every phone has texting capabilities. And on top of that, you can market even better if you allow for two-way communication through texting. Just imagine how much easier things would be if your customers could simply text in their questions, and your texting platform would recognize the question and send an automated response. It will save everyone time.

Getting the clearest information possible

One thing I’m sure Queen Elizabeth II appreciates, as does everyone, is getting clear and precise information. There is nothing worse than getting off the phone with a customer service rep and hoping you understood the information or hoping you remembered the right times or dates. If you can instead get a text with all the info, you know it is right, and you are no longer relying on your hearing or your memory for information. Technology really has improved how smoothly things run, and texting is no exception.


Chantel Fullilove

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