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Evolution in mobile marketing
Scott Navratil

The mobile industry is expanding faster than marketers can keep up with. Today, just about everyone has a mobile device and they take them everywhere. Marketers are trying to find ways to market to these people through their mobile devices in a way that seems natural and authentic. Mobile poses some tough problem for marketers. There are a number of limitations, and not just with the screen size. People interact with mobile devices in a different way than with computers, TV, and print. Most people use their mobile devices to carry out quick utilitarian tasks. It’s not like a TV where people turn it on, sit in front of it, and relax. All this means that marketing via mobile needs to be done differently than advertising through TV, computers, and print.

Harnessing the power of mobile

One reason marketers are so focused on reaching consumers through their phones is that there is such a huge opportunity there. Unlike TVs and computers, phones almost always go where the user goes. Because mobile users are constantly pulling out their phones, there is so much potential for marketers. Despite the tremendous opportunity, many mobile marketers report than they’re not able to fully take advantage of it. In order to make better use of the benefits of mobile, they are constantly coming up with new ways to interact with consumers through their mobile devices.

Advertisements on the go

As already mentioned, mobile presents certain problems for marketers. One is that mobile users are on the go. They use their devices at work, in the airport trying to catch a flight, in a crowded restaurant waiting for a business lunch, and an infinite number of other situations. An advertisement that may be effective in one situation may not be as effective in another situation. So unlike with other forms of media, one form of advertising doesn’t fit all with mobile.

A natural form of advertising

One way marketers are learning to better utilize mobile marketing is by inserting little advertisements in ways that don’t seem forced. They are also getting better at using advertisements in ways that will be effective in a certain situation. For instance, they will have a different advertisement in an airline’s app because they can assume that their target audience will see that advertisement while in an airport. That ad will be specifically targeted for a person in a specific environment. This type of advertising comes across as more natural to consumers and they are less likely to feel pushed towards a product or service they’re not interested in.

Source:  Clizkz

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