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Facebook says goodbye to email
Scott Navratil

Did you know that you had a Facebook email address? Just like most people, you probably had no idea that you could actually send and receive emails through your Facebook mail. That is exactly why Facebook has decided to get rid of its email program and instead focus on mobile messaging. Just like Facebook, you need to work on mobile marketing as email isn’t quite what it used to be.

No more reason for Facebook email

Facebook started up email three years ago. Not only could you send messages to the people you knew on Facebook, but you could communicate with people on other email platforms, like Hotmail or Gmail. According to KTUU, the reason for the startup was to add to the instant message service already available to Facebook users. Unfortunately, it never really caught on. Those who have a Facebook email they use will have all messages forwarded to their primary email, so you don’t have to worry about losing messages. Facebook realized that email is no longer the main form of distant communication. Instead, people would rather send texts to each other or instant message through their phones. Not only that, but you have to already have an email to sign up for Facebook, and people want to use only one email address. Mobile has changed our world into a place where we can get immediate messaging. This is why Facebook has made the change and has decided to work on mobile instead.

Recognizing importance of mobile

If there’s one thing Facebook is good at, its recognizing the needs of customers and then meeting those needs. This is why the company is considered so innovative and is always at the top. If you know how to reach your customers, you will be more successful, which is the ultimate goal with Facebook. Your business should be following Facebook’s lead. There haven’t been a lot of times when Facebook was wrong about its customers. You should take that as a sign that your customers need more mobile interaction and less email advertising. Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as sending a text message to your customers reminding them you are open on certain holidays or offering a discount for a specific day. The important thing is that you are reaching them through their smartphones, where you can count on them getting the message right away.

Reaching your customers through social media

Though not quite as effective and texting your customers, social media still plays a huge role in your marketing techniques. Maybe your customers won’t get it right away, or maybe they won’t see your post at all. When you post something to your Facebook, not everyone will see it. If you send them a personal text message, they are guaranteed to get it right away. Of course, you should be working on your social media and your mobile advertising, but there is no guaranteed way to reach more customers than to send them a text directly to their phone number. You’ll need to decide what is best for you, but if you are going to follow Facebook’s lead, you should start working more on mobile.

Source: KTUU

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