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Financial service customer service tips
Scott Navratil

In the financial service industry, customer service is just as important, if not more so, as any other company. Customers really want to have the best service all the time, but it is especially important to them when it comes to dealing with their money. Yet, it seems as if banks and credit unions have some of the worst customer service out there. Here are some ways to really boost your customer service.

Multiple ways of communication

Many financial institutions still require that a customer come in or call in to get any information or support. And while it is good to have those options available, it is pretty annoying to customers who would often prefer to contact your business through other means. While some methods won’t be possible when discussing secure information, they are definitely good options when you are answering quick and easy questions.

  • Text customer service where they can text in repetitive questions such as daily hours. Many banks close on weekends, but some are open limited hours. It would be nice for a customer to be able to text and ask what the hours are for the day and get a fast, direct answer. Text customer service is really an awesome way of communication. Better yet, add AI Chatbot, so customers can get immediate automated responses.
  • Social media engagement where customers are able to message customer service and post grievances. It is an awesome opportunity to address publicly any concerns people may be having, and it gives you a chance to be in the same place as your customers all the time.
  • Email customer service where your customers are able to respond to you on their own time. Let your customer contact you in whatever way they feel most comfortable, even if it is through email.
  • Phone calls and in-person are still very important. You can’t give up one type of customer service for another. Your business should be adding additional ways customers can communicate.

Mobile optimization

Customers are spending more and more time on their smartphones, and it means you will quickly be left behind if your business isn’t optimized for mobile. Make an app where customers can view all their information and contact customer service. Your website should work perfectly on mobile even if customers aren’t using your app. All emails and social media ads should look as good on mobile as they do on computers.

Increase Transparency

The best thing you can do to make customer service better is to increase your transparency. Customers prefer to get information on their own instead of always having to talk to someone, so it is better if they can find information on their own. Update your FAQ page regularly with answers to commonly asked questions. Have landing pages that thoroughly describe as much information as possible about the financial services you provide. Make sure you are clear and explain in simple terms instead of using a bunch of legal jargon. Your customers and customer service reps will both appreciate it.

Chantel Fullilove

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