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Five good reasons to go mobile
Scott Navratil

Mobile is quickly taking over the internet commerce world. More and more consumers are pulling out their phones to complete online purchases rather than getting on their desktop or laptop. With so many people shopping from their smartphones, owners of businesses small and large have a lot to gain by going mobile. Here’s a look at five good reasons to take your business mobile now.

The development of mobile commerce

Simply put, more people are purchasing via smartphone than ever before. Mobile commerce has grown at a rate no one would ever have predicted. In 2013, mobile accounted for approximately 15% of all ecommerce. It’s expected that that percentage will continue to grow. Smartphones have changed the way that consumers shop. What it means for business owners is a whole new way to communicate with customers.

Better customer experience

Not too far back, completing an online purchase from a smartphone was a hassle. More often than not, the website wasn’t optimized for mobile and online shoppers had to pinch and zoom just to see what they were attempting to buy. If they suffered through that experience and decided to add the item to their virtual cart, they would then have to sign onto a computer to complete the purchase. Even sites that did allow shoppers to complete a purchase via smartphone weren’t perfect. Customers had to painstakingly enter page after page of information on a tiny keyboard.

Now, technology has made it much easier to complete purchases online. It’s easier than ever to pull out your phone and make a purchase in a minute or two. Many customers report that their customer experience is better on mobile than it is on a PC.

More impulse buys

Just about everyone is familiar with the impulse to buy. Often times, if you can stop and think about it for a few minutes, you might change your mind about it. For online retailers, that means lost sales the longer a customer has to wait to complete a purchase. The great thing about mobile is that it allows customers to make purchases the moment they decide they want it.

Social shopping

Mobile has introduced a totally new dynamic to online shopping: social. Social media is a great (and free) way to spread the news about your business. By making content “shareable” on social media, you allow your customers to do a lot of your advertising work for you. Social media apps account for a huge percentage of smartphone users’ time. They’re always online and connected with their friends. The more they’re talking about your business, the more their friends are going to hear about it.

No sign of stopping

Finally, the best thing about mobile is that its showing no sign of slowing down. Many business owners are hesitant to jump on the bandwagon fearing everyone else will jump off the moment they do. All the evidence however points to the contrary. Mobile commerce is an industry that will only continue to grow from year to year.

Source: Real Business

Chantel Fullilove

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