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Five mobile marketing tips for the small business owner
Scott Navratil

Each year it becomes more and more important for business owners to make their businesses mobile friendly. In the very near future, mobile web traffic will surpass traditional web traffic. As more consumers begin to use mobile to engage with brands on the internet, business owners need to make sure that they’re prepared. Going mobile isn’t something you do and then you’re done. Mobile technology is dynamic, it changes constantly. Here are five tips that business owners should follow to be mobile friendly. Fill in the blanks Mobile makes it easier than ever before for your customers to find you on the go. There are dozens of places where people might go to find your business. Some of the most common are Yelp, Google Plus, and Facebook to name a few. It’s important to have profiles on each of these platforms so that however consumers look for you, they’ll find you. Creating a profile is as simple as filling in all the blanks. Don’t leave anything blank. Include your physical address, email, business hours, and even links to your website and social media profiles. Think like a first-time visitor As a business owner you know all the ins and outs of your business, you know that the products and/or services that you offer are important and valuable to consumers. It’s easy to assume that consumers will perceive that same value when they visit your website. Instead of assuming, put yourself in a first-time visitor’s position. Try looking at your website from their perspective. Is the value readily apparent? Is all the information a potential customer might want easy to find? If the answer is no, then it’s time to improve your website. Test on multiple devices Even if you’ve invested in responsive design for your website and it looks great on your iPhone, you can’t assume that it’s being properly displayed on every device. Try testing your new website on as many mobile devices as you can get your hands on. Test it on Android and Windows phones and tablets of various sizes and brands. If you notice problems with how it’s being displayed on a certain device, you can address the issue and correct it. Participate often As already mentioned, mobile technology changes constantly. Websites where your business’s information is posted will change along with it. You won’t be aware of these changes and how they affect your business’s profile unless you’re participating on these websites. Be proactive and stay aware of these changes so you can adapt accordingly. Your work is never done Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that your mobile marketing work is never done. Just when you’ve got everything on your website “perfect,” there will be advancement in technology that necessitate a change. There’s always more you can be doing to adapt and improve as the mobile landscape changes. Source:!bqiLQ6

Chantel Fullilove

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