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Five ways to get people to sign up for mobile alerts
Scott Navratil

When you send mobile alerts, you are helping more customers find you and come in to eat. In fact, according to Mobile Marketing Watch, one restaurant saw a huge increase in the number of customers that came in based on sms marketing techniques. So how are you going to get more customers through the door?

With the new laws in place saying you can’t send mobile alerts without first having consent from a customer, according to Business News Daily, it may be a bit trickier to use mobile advertising. On top of that, you always want to be considerate of your customers by letting them subscribe or unsubscribe from your mobile alerts whenever they want. But how do you get customers to start signing up? Well, here’s a few tips.

1. Offer a deal

Customers aren’t going to just sign up for your mobile alerts without being incentivized. It may be as simple as putting a sign up in your business saying “free drinks when you text…” If you want to have access to sending them advertisements, you will need to incentivize them.

2. Advertise on a deal site

One way to get more people to find your deal is to have someone who runs a deal site post it for you. Deal blogs have thousands and thousands of followers. If you can get access to the one blogger to post the deal, you are guaranteed thousands of people will end up seeing your messages.

3. Send sale updates

If you are always sending your customers reminders of big sales or coupons for 10% off, they will likely use it in front of friends or, at the very least, tell their friends about it. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. If people feel like they can easily “join the club,” they will quickly do so.

4. Make it for communication

If customers know they can easily communicate with you through text, for customer service reasons or just to take a survey or two, they will sign up. Post on your website and at your business that you have text message customer service available, and people will probably sign up.

5. Sell great product

If you have a great product and a lot of loyal fans of your business, you don’t have to do anything to sign up. Of course, people won’t sign up unless they know it exists, so you will still have to advertise. Make sure you are always providing a valuable product if you want people to sign up for text alerts

Sending the right messages

With the new law, it is also a lot easier to unsubscribe from messages. You wouldn’t want your customers deciding your messages aren’t worth their time. Make sure you are only sending the most valuable information in texts and that you never send more than 5 a week. If you are sending too many useless messages, the customer will have no problem unsubscribing from your messaging.


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