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Scott Navratil

We are seeing huge leaps and bounds in the technology industry and many changes in how customers are using that technology. This year, especially, there have been a lot of new and exciting things happening that your business needs to stay on top of for your customers. Here are the latest mobile marketing trends to follow if you want to stay ahead of the game.

Mobile videos played vertically

It is easy to watch a video, and it is an especially nice advertising tool because it draws the eyes and keeps the attention of a viewer pretty quickly and easily. Since companies have started experimenting more with vertically playing videos, there has been an 80 percent increase in the number of ads watched to completion, according to Forbes. Rather than clicking through, people are more willing to watch if they don’t have to turn their screen to see the video.

More automation

One of the big marketing trends right now is more automation in marketing, which is only possible due to huge strides in artificial intelligence technology. It is especially helpful with text marketing, a huge part of the mobile marketing industry that should be relied on heavily. You can automate when messages are sent based on your audience’s needs, and you can also automate responses to customers when they text in questions to your business. It is a really quick and efficient way of communicating with customers and is really inexpensive because you can let automation take care of responding instead of having a whole team of customer service representatives available.

More practical applications

Your customers aren’t looking for just any app and don’t want to clutter up their phone’s free space with your company’s app unless it gives them something practical. If it isn’t useful in some way, it is just a waste of space, especially given that many smartphones have limited storage space. It is important that if you do make an app for your customers to use that it is actually useful in some way, such as providing online ordering through the app or a way to track information. Too many companies try to create apps just to have one, but if it isn’t practical for customer use, don’t waste the time or money.

Push notifications based on location

Marketing to a customer is much more effective if you are able to send them ads based on their location or preferences. The idea is that you are already out shopping and looking at your phone, then an ad shows up for half priced appetizers at a nearby restaurant, and the food looks delicious. You are much more likely to go over and try something new if you are already nearby than if you see the ad while browsing at home. The proof is in the numbers given that 84% of Millennials have already acted on push notifications before.

Source: Forbes

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