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Formal Websites are Still Important
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing continues to be the most effective form of marketing to date thanks to advanced mobile technology, and companies are seeing great success from SMS promotions and interactive marketing applications.  Most consumers are familiar with and have access to mobile devices and as technology continues to advance so does the number of consumers who own smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.  This is great news for companies because it means it is only getting easier for them to reach out to a broad number of consumers in a simple way.  Companies have become dependent on their mobile marketing, however, and several have forgotten the importance of keeping their company websites just as updated as their applications or SMS advertisements.  Company websites still generate just as much business as other forms of mobile marketing, and it is vital that companies spend time creating easy to use and appealing websites for their consumers.  Companies who under estimate the importance and effectiveness of their websites often lose business because when consumers are looking for companies their first move is often to look up the website.  Ensuring that their websites are up to date with the latest technological features, companies will see a growth in business as well as gain loyal consumers.

Personalize website experience for consumers

Maintaining company websites does not have to be difficult.  The time and effort it takes to manage a website is always worth it.  According to Mobile Marketer, the Lincoln car brand has recently updated their website in order to give their consumers a more exciting mobile experience.  The company has realized that most of their consumers are now Internet-savvy, and are looking for a convenient way to find the car they are looking for without having to spend the weekend visiting car lot after car lot.  The new Lincoln website has features that allow consumers to view the cars and all of their features with one swipe or click of the mouse.  The website is also compatible with mobile devices so consumers do not have to find a laptop or desktop computer in order to visit the site.  Lincoln has also promised that the new website is easy to use for both new and established customers, which is appealing to a broad number of consumers.  The website also is interactive, which is intriguing to consumers of all types.  Perhaps the most important feature of the new website, though, is that Lincoln has combine their elegant reputation with the newest forms of technology meaning they have adapted without changing who they are.  Companies often fear big changes, and let’s face it, new technology is always a big change.  Lincoln is a good example of a company who has allowed the changes to happen while still maintaining the presence they are known for.  Websites are a great way to show consumers the values of companies, so it is important that companies keep their websites updated and easy to use.


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