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Four keys to success for your mobile website
Scott Navratil

Within the next year or so, mobile web traffic is anticipated to surpass desktop/laptop web traffic. Never has creating a great mobile friendly web site been so important. Businesses that fail to design a mobile website (or do it poorly) are losing out on about half of all web traffic visiting their site. Because a well-designed mobile site is crucial in today’s mobile age, here are four keys to success for creating a mobile friendly website.

Large call-to-actions

Including a call-to-action is important for any kind of web design but especially for mobile web design. While your website visitors using a desktop will probably be a little more patient while browsing, mobile users are typically visiting your site for a specific reason. They’re going to be less patient and if they don’t find what they’re looking for right off the bat, chances are they’ll give up. When designing a mobile site, it’s important that call-to-actions are large and prominently placed. Additionally, there should be plenty of empty space around the call-to-action to prevent people from clicking on the wrong thing. With large fingers on a tiny screen, it can be frustrating to try to press one link and accidentally press a different one.

Simple navigation

Again, mobile visitors on your web page are going to have less patience. If your mobile website is simply your traditional website but formatted for a smaller screen, you’re still going to lose a lot of web traffic. In addition to making content easier to see, you have to design the entire site around navigability. Most likely, you’ll cut out some web pages from your traditional site altogether to make your page less cluttered. Ultimately, you want mobile users to be able to find what they’re looking for with as few clicks as possible. A simple, intuitive mobile site is crucial.


Smartphones have made peoples’ lives easier in countless ways. One of those ways is the click-to-call feature. No longer do people have to stare at a number for a few minutes and try to memorize it for a few seconds so they can dial it. People no longer have to jot down a number then dial it. With a smartphone, people have the option to simply click on the phone number and the phone dials it automatically. You want to make it as easy as possible for mobile web page visitors to get in contact with your place of business. The easiest way to do this is to include a click-to-call button.


In addition to making it easy for people to contact you by phone, it’s important that you make it easy for people to find your business’s physical location. Because many of your mobile page visitors will be on the go, it’s very convenient if they can click on a map from your mobile page and open up voice guidance that will take them right to you.

By simplifying the mobile user’s experience on your mobile page, you will be taking advantage of the growing percentage of mobile web traffic.


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