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Four types of offline marketing to use
Scott Navratil

Everything these days focuses on marketing online, which is definitely important. It is a very easy and inexpensive way to reach your customers, and most of them can be reached online at all times. But there is definitely something to offline marketing efforts still. Here are four different ways you can market to your customers offline.

  1. Hand out business cards

Still the fastest and easiest way to give your information to someone is through a business card. While you can send your information through a digital business card to people you meet if you get their phone number, it is very easy to just hand a business card over instead of typing in numbers and hoping everything was done right. Most people are on the go when they are out and about, and they don’t have time to set down everything and get their phone out to put in your contact information. It is much easier to get a card and look it up later on their own time.

  1. Attend a conference

Conferences have a built-in audience of people who want to know more about your products or services. It is a very good way of getting new customers that are within your audience and specifically interested in what you have to offer. It is one of the best offline ways of building a new customer base. The best part is that people want to stop and listen to your sales pitch since that is what they came for.

  1. Text marketing

One way to really market to your customers and get to them regardless of whether or not they are online is through texting. It is one of the best methods of offline communication because it is directed at specific customers and it is guaranteed to get to them. And since text messages are usually opened within a couple of minutes, you are also getting the information you sent opened pretty quickly.

  1. Local mailers

If you want to get some new business, you can send out mailers. This only works if done locally, and it is most effective if you provide a coupon for services. Someone who is already thinking about getting a new dentist or putting up a new fence but hasn’t done a lot of research on it yet might just try you out because they saw your mailer.

Chantel Fullilove

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