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Four ways to improve customer service
Scott Navratil

The cornerstone of every business is customer service. It is the one thing that will not only lead to a first time sale but will also keep your customers coming back. But the real question is how to provide better customer service without seeming like you are just trying to sell a product or service. Fortunately, Forbes has provided us with a few quick tips to help improve your interaction with customers.

Try the BUBL method

To help you remember how to improve service and what points to focus on the most, Forbes has created the acronym BUBL. It stands for the following:

B – Begin immediately

Do not hesitate to start customer service the moment you first make contact. Though it may not always be possible to walk up and greet a customer right away, you definitely need to at least offer a glance to the customer and maybe a head nod to acknowledge that they have been seen.

U – Uncode

Customer Service starts by being able to determine the needs of your customer. Remember, your job is always to keep them as happy as possible. Some customers may need your constant attention and help while others might need to be left alone to shop in peace. It is your job to figure out what their need is and meet it.

B – Break your schedule

Sometimes, we get stuck in a schedule and have a hard time changing it. Unfortunately, your customer wants you to be on their schedule, not the other way around. So what if you had a team meeting planned this afternoon? If a customer needs you, you should give them first priority. You can always stock shelves later.

L – Leave room for more

This is the most important part of the BUBL method of customer service. Always make sure there is nothing more the customer needs before they leave. I’ve known people who won’t ever go back to a fast food restaurant because the person taking the order assumed they were done and gave them a total rather than simply asking, “is there anything else I can get for you?” More than that, I’d recommend finding ways to keep in touch with your customer after they’ve left the building. For example, you could encourage surveys, so your customer remembers you after they’ve left. One of the best ways to offer superb customer service even after the customer is gone is through artificial intelligence texting systems. This makes it easy for you to send automated texts to customers about deals and specials, but even more so, it makes it possible for your customers to text you and get fast, automated responses directed towards their specific needs. You don’t have to hire a staff to answer texts all day because the system recognizes questions and answers them for you. And the best part is that it allows you to easily keep in touch with your customers and offer the best customer service out there.


Chantel Fullilove

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