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G Flex vs Galaxy Round: who really won?
Scott Navratil

The fight to the top has been tough for smartphone manufacturers, but it isn’t over yet. It will never be over. The fight to always be on top will continue until we have some other great device that can be used to make phone calls and give us access to everything on the internet. The most recent race has been creating curvy and flexible smartphones. In the race to provide the most flexible smartphone, it seems Samsung may have won. Well, at the very least, it won the battle.

New smartphone from LG can heal – G Flex

LG has just released a curvy smartphone, according to ABC News. It isn’t your average smartphone though. LG created the phone to curve with your face. Instead of having a flat phone that makes it either hard to hear, speak, or both, the phone curves to give you optimal hearing and talking room. In fact, LG promises the sound of the phone increases making it twice as loud. Though it would be nice if it were completely flexible, this feature hasn’t quite been perfected in the market yet. This smartphone has many other cool features though.

There are all the standard upgrades expected with any new smartphone, but this one has a self-healing coating to repair scratches and dents in the phone. That is great news for people who drop their phones regularly! Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the screen, the part most people are worried about breaking when they drop their phones. So, I guess your phone won’t look damaged on the outside, even if the screen is completely broken.

Or you can get the Galaxy Round

The other option, and the first curved phone to get released, is the Samsung Galaxy Round. Rather than curving from top to bottom, this phone curves side to side. In order to get it to turn on to check for notifications, you would just need to push on the side for the phone to rock back and forth. This is much easier than picking up the phone and pressing a button to check for messages. Really, all the other new features are similar to the G Flex.

Which one should you get?

If you are trying to decide between these two phones, you should start by considering whether or not you care about scratches and dents. If you do, then you better try out the self-healing G Flex. It is also better for talking on the phone if you do a lot of that. Otherwise, the Galaxy might be better because it is easier to put in your pocket. Pricing hasn’t been released on the G Flex yet, according to NBC News, but the Galaxy Round will be selling in Korea for around a thousand bucks. That’s a lot of money for a cell phone, especially if you aren’t sure whether or not you like the bent concept. By being the first released, Samsung has won the battle. As to who has won the war, you’ll have to decide that on your own.


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