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Gaining Consumer Interest in Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

Catching the attention of consumers is the biggest challenge when it comes to any type of marketing.  Mobile marketing in particular is one of the most popular forms of marketing, which means it is an even greater challenge for companies to capture consumers’ attention because they face heavy competition from other companies.  Mobile marketing is a constant battle of who can come up with the most creative, interactive, and appealing marketing campaigns.  Mobile marketing used to consist of simple SMS advertisements or email messages, but now that is not enough if companies want to please their consumers.  It used to be a difficult feat trying to get consumers to give companies their email addresses or phone numbers to be used for mobile marketing purposes, but now that smartphones and tablets are so popular among consumers, they prefer mobile marketing because of the convenience.  Now the challenge is getting consumers to notice and participate in mobile marketing campaigns.

It is all about the delivery

Consumers often become bored with repetitive mobile marketing campaigns.  If companies want consumers to notice their campaigns they need to constantly come up with new and creative ways to impress their consumers.  It is no longer difficult to get consumer information in order to reach out to the through mobile devices, the challenge is actually getting them to notice mobile campaigns.  There are so many flashy and exciting mobile marketing campaigns from companies of all types that if companies want consumers to notice their campaigns they need come up with creative ways to catch the consumers’ attention.  Holidays are a great time for new mobile marketing campaigns, and according to Mobile Marketer, General Mills has already created a mobile marketing campaign for Halloween.  The company has come up with a new gaming application that promotes its popular monster cereals for Halloween, and consumers can get special promotional codes for the game from the boxes of General Mills cereals.  In order to continue playing the game by advancing to different levels, consumers must continue to collect the promo codes found on the boxes.  Not only is this a great way to promote seasonal product, it also encourages consumers to buy their products in order to engage with the company through their application.  General Mills cereals have been around since the 1970s, and for companies whose products have been around for a substantial amount of time have to be creative with how they market in order to keep their consumers interested. General Mills is counting on their new interactive application encouraging consumers to continue purchasing their product, and so far it has been a success.  Using products to promote more products is an effective way to reach consumers, and by putting promo codes on their cereal boxes, General Mills is killing two birds with one stone.  Companies should make an effort to combine marketing techniques so that they work in more ways than one.


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