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Galaxy Gear: How many have you seen?
Scott Navratil

The Galaxy Gear was a new invention, and people were very excited about it. They were ready to get it and take it home to show off. The real question was, however, how many people were really going to fork out the cash to buy the new Galaxy Note 3 and the new smartwatch together. So, how many have you actually seen? Chances are, you’ve maybe run into just one or two. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been out for a while now. It is time to see how it is doing.

Checking out the numbers

According to the Wall Street Journal, there have been about 800,000 smartwatches sold since the Galaxy Gear was first released in September. That is a pretty big number, but what does it really mean? Since Samsung is expected to sell about 10 million sales per month of the Galaxy Note 3, the 800,000 smartwatch number is actually not all that impressive. However, it does show that there has been some progress and that people are buying the fun, new technology. At the very least, all the techies out there have their hands on one.

Have you played with one?

I got the chance to play with a Galaxy Gear the other day. It is actually really cool. It isn’t as bulky and annoying-looking as I thought it would be, and it was really cool to be able to do so much with a simple watch. It probably isn’t as great as it could be, but it was better than expected, and that’s all I can ask. More than likely, Samsung would sell a lot more if there were more things you could do with the watch. The technology is still coming, and you may be able to get it soon. I still don’t plan to spend all that money for a smartphone and a smartwatch, but if I had unlimited funds, I’d probably make the leap to try it out for a while.

Why release the numbers

Some people are asking themselves why Samsung would release the figures. Maybe they should wait until after Christmas or it might make more sense at the end of the year. However, most reports suggest that Samsung wanted to alleviate concerns that the smartwatch wasn’t selling. Though it is unclear whether or not the smartwatch has sold more or less than expected, it is selling little by little. At the very least, shareholders can rest at ease knowing Samsung hasn’t completely led them astray with the smartwatch.

Life of a watch

People don’t want to have to ever charge their watches let alone charge it every night. Just one of the many complaints about the smartwatch, the battery life definitely leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. Texting is much easier when you can check it all the time through your watch, though. Though there have been a few complaints, the launch of a new kind of smart-device has probably been fairly successful for Samsung. And we know this is probably just the beginning.


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Chantel Fullilove

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