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Generational marketing
Scott Navratil

The first step to any good marketing plan is to identify your audience. You need to determine the age, gender, education level, etc of the people who are buying your stuff. Once you have figured out who is buying your products and who will be most likely to buy your product, you can start marketing towards the specific audience.

One of the groups you will be differentiating between will be generations. Are you marketing to Millennials? Baby Boomers? Generation X? Here are some tips for marketing towards the specific age groups.

Baby Boomers

The hardest group to steal business with is the Baby Boomers generation where they are very brand-loyal. That’s great if you can get their business, but it is very hard to take them away from a brand they love. Fortunately, they are also usually fairly receptive to ads and discounts. So if you offer them deals, they are more likely to try out what you have to offer. And with just a good deal, you may have their business for life.

While Baby Boomers are generally on social media, they don’t like to use it as a way to interact with businesses. So while it is still important that you have social media in place for those who do want to use it to interact with you, try not to bombard their social media pages with ads.

Generation X

While Generation X is on social media, it is more like something they check once or twice a day instead of something they spend all day scrolling through. They do have smartphones close by all the time and have learned to rely on mobile for much of what they do. That means you can easily access them through text marketing, mobile site optimization, and emails.


The average Millennial is on many different social media sites and is actively engaging through mobile for most of the day. Even while they are at work, they typically have their smartphones close by. This is a tremendous opportunity for your business to use text marketing to stay in contact with customers and send them ads.

One thing that is important to note is that Millennials are very interested in the bigger picture and creating meaning in their lives. As a business, that means you can do a lot better with them if you somehow touch on something important to them through your advertising. It is part of the reason why businesses have been having a lot of success by offering campaigns where they donate money to charities based on their sales. It is also the reason why new, exciting, small startup companies with passionate owners have been having so much success selling to them.

Generation Z

The youngest and newest generation of buyers grew up with technology and understands it a lot better than previous generations. These kids know how to spot a fake news story on the internet in seconds because they have grown up with the internet that they know is loaded with a bunch of fake stuff. That means when you are advertising to them, you should be as real and transparent as possible. If you lie to them, they will find out. And they know how to easily tell everyone they can reach on the internet about the betrayal too, so you will lose a lot of other business with them. Just be authentic with them, and use text marketing and social media to your advantage in communicating with them.

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