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Get a Nokia smartphone for practically nothing
Scott Navratil

Nokia has been well known for using the Windows operating system on all its phones, but recently, there has been a change. Now, Nokia is offering smartphones using the Android operating system, but that’s not all. Instead of making customers pay outrageous prices for a smartphone, the Nokia smartphone costs almost nothing. With just a hundred dollars or so, you can get a smartphone without having any kind if subsidies from a cell phone carrier. The real question, however, is how this will affect customers and businesses. Will it be good for the smartphone market or bad?

New released smartphones

Nokia’s announcement came as a surprise both to customers and other cell phone manufacturers. There will be three new cell phones, according to the LA Times, including the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL. For $122, $135, and $150, you could get any of these three devices and have smartphone capabilities for a very low cost. The Nokia X and Nokia X+ are almost exactly the same with the exception that the X+ has a bit more RAM and comes with a MicroSD card. The XL, however, comes with a larger screen, better camera, better RAM, and the SD card. And the best part of this? You can get it in whatever color you want, making it highly attractive for all customers in all different age groups.

Customers to get what they want

Other cell phone manufacturers aren’t going to be very happy about this release from Nokia. If people can get smartphones at a lower price, they probably will. It is going to drive the prices down on smartphones, which means manufacturers aren’t going to be able to make as much profit on each phone sold. For customers, however, it is great news. It means you can get a new smartphone without having to sign a 2-year contract for practically nothing with a Nokia smartphone. It also means you’ll have access to more phone options at a cheaper price here soon. Having this kind of option available to customers with small budgets or for those with teens will make a huge difference.

What this means for your business

If the price of getting a smartphone is going down, that means it will be available to more people in America. There are going to be more people with smartphones and more ways to access those people through the phones. Your marketing strategies should already be highly focused on mobile, but you should start thinking about ways to do an even better job. Text marketing should be a huge focus since everyone with a phone gets texts. But soon you’ll need to be on every social media site, blogging, emailing, texting, and finding more ways to communicate with your customer. Open communication is key, and it is getting easier and easier with the access your customers have to smartphone technology. Make sure you are prepared to meet them with open arms and full-on communication.

Source: LA Times

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