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Get your personalized Moto X anywhere
Scott Navratil

When the news came out that the new Moto X was going to be customizable, people got really excited. The idea what you can build your own phone out of whatever components you want is really appealing because it means you can get everything you want. But what if that phone was only offered by one cell phone carrier? That would really put a damper on things, just like when Apple only offered the iPhone on AT&T. People on other carriers were left out. Luckily, the Moto X is now available for almost all US carriers.

All about the Moto X

The idea behind the Moto X is that you don’t have to have the same phone as anyone else. If there is something you like but nobody else likes, you can still build it. To get all the features you love in one phone is rare, but now it is possible with the customizable Moto X phone. The phone is expected to change the industry. App developers may start creating things to put in the Moto X and will give more opportunity for entrepreneurs to succeed. Developers don’t have to sell their ideas to manufacturers anymore. They can sell their real product to the consumer.

Personal style

With the Moto X, you get to express yourself. You don’t have to be just like everyone else, now. There are limitations since the technology is new, but if enough people join in to build a better product, the limitations will quickly disappear. This holiday season, you can get someone you love a Moto X with anything they want. Pick a new caller, add your accessories, and play with it until you have the perfect phone. You can get the phone on Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, AT&T and more. Check your carrier to see if you can get it this Christmas for a loved one.

Cost and specs

You can get the Moto X for about $199, according to PC Magazine. The phone will have Android 4.2.2 with a 1280 by 720 display. The camera will be 2-megapixel front-facing and 10-megapixel rear, both with 1080p. The new Kit Kat system from Android will be available soon but not quite yet. If you sign a contract, you are sure to be able to purchase the phone for even less than $199. Signing a 2-year contract is almost always a requirement, and you can always save money by doing it.

Celebrating the holidays with a new phone to text with

With your new phone, you can bet texting will be the first thing you use. Sending everyone messages to let them know you got a new phone and making sure they message you back will be important. Even with all the new technology, a simple text will never be erased. Businesses can easily tap into that and send text message advertising. Not even the Moto X will come without texting, so you know you can always use it as an effective marketing tool.


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