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What do you get from the Windows 8.1?
Scott Navratil

The Windows 8.1 update is available on any Windows phone, but is it worth the download? There are a few new features that you are going to love, according to Tech Times. If you don’t already have a Windows phone, it may be worth the buy, and those with the phone might want to consider getting an update for these new, fun features.

A personal assistant

One thing that leaves most smartphone manufacturers behind Apple is the fact that they don’t have a Siri, or a personal phone assistant. However, Windows 8.1 will have a new personal assistant called Cortana. The assistant will store information and learn information about you to make your search experience more seamless.

Extra external storage space

It is really irritating when you start to run out of space to download apps and music on your phone. But fortunately, you will now be able to download as much as you want with a micro-SD card and Windows 8.1 update. No more will you have to worry about picking and choosing the right apps for you because you can have them all. Of course, it also means you are going to have to buy an SD card.

Check on data and Wi-Fi

By getting Windows 8.1, your phone will be able to more easily recognize Wi-Fi networks and automatically connect to them to save you on data. You’ll also be able to check on which apps are using the most data every month, in case you want to shut the app down towards the end of the month.

Mobile marketing with updates

Smartphones are always changing, as we can see, but how do you focus on mobile marketing in an ever-changing smartphone world? The first thing you need to do is figure out what is staying the same and what is changing. For example, texting is still a big part of smartphones even with all the other things they can do. So text marketing can be very helpful as things are changing. Another thing to look at is where the technology is going. People are starting to change their way of searching to more of question-based searches instead of just one or two words thanks to the new personal assistants available on phones. That means your marketing needs to be more question-driven rather than just an idea or concept. If you can stay on top of current trends by focusing on where the technology is moving and also stay up to date on things that will never change, such as texting, you’ll have a much easier time marketing towards your customers through their smartphones.


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