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Getting exactly what you want: Project Ara
Scott Navratil

Google is trying to stay on top. It is already forcing all business owners to get Google Plus accounts and doing everything it can to get a monopoly in the search engine business, but the technology company wouldn’t mind having a monopoly on everything. Unfortunately, the smartphone competition is fierce keeping them on their toes. Smartphone manufacturers had better watch out. Google may end up on top after all.

Motorola project Ara

Motorola, a smartphone manufacturer owned by Google, announced a project called Project Ara, according to BBC News. The project, which has been in the making for over a year, would allow you to pick any hardware you want for a new phone. More or less, it is a way to build your own smartphone. You pick the exact components you want in the phone, and Motorola will sell it to you. Instead of wishing you had all the features that come in all the phones, you can literally piece together all the best things of the phones you love. Maybe it won’t give Google a monopoly, but it will definitely give them an edge on the competition.

How it works

The project works by allowing you to start with a skeleton of a phone. Motorola will be letting developers create their own gadgets to piece with the phones in just a few months. More or less, you can put together any kind of phone you want, almost like legos, according to Chris Green of Davies Murphy Group. No more do you have to wait for the perfect phone for you to come out. Instead, you can make the perfect phone.

Opportunity for developers

This isn’t just a great opportunity for customers to build their phones but also for developers to create different gadgets and pieces for phones. If you have a great idea of something you wish your smartphone could do, try and make it happen. Soon, the days of developers selling their ideas to manufacturers will be gone. The days of everyday inventions will soon arrive.

No Apples to add here

The only real problem people have with it is that you can’t add Apple components into the phone. It would be really convenient if you could create an android phone with access to iPhone music and apps but without all the heavy restrictions Apple puts in all its products. Unfortunately, Apple would never agree to partner up to create the ultimate smartphone. If you want an Apple phone without restrictions, you’ll just have to jailbreak it.

Get ready businesses

As a business, you should be preparing right now for what might come from this change. People building their own phones could mean many more opportunities for marketing. Try and stay ahead of the curve, so you are always hitting the right markets for your audience. If you are on your game, then you will be able to monopolize off the change almost just as much as all the developers out there.


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