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Getting ready for Nokia World announcements
Scott Navratil

Every cell phone manufacturer has to have some sort of large event to kick off the next best thing. For Nokia, that is called Nokia World. It will be kicking off tomorrow with all kinds of fun goodies and gadgets. What can you expect Nokia to release now?

The next big thing in screens

Cell phone manufacturers all seem to copy one another to make sure they have the best smartphone available, or at the very least, the next best thing. That is why all of them are working so hard right now to get bigger phones. It was already rumored that the next iPhone will have a larger screen, but now we can expect the next Nokia smartphone to have a larger screen as well. People love being able to use their smartphones as portable and cordless computers, so making the screen a little bigger makes it a little more possible. These devices are called phablets, according to Information Week, and Nokia has named its device the Lumia 1520.

All about the Lumia 1520

Nokia will soon be releasing the Lumia 1520, but is it even worth a second look? I’d say so. Not only will it have a 6-inch HD display screen, it comes with a variety of other cool features. Get great pics with a 20-megapixel camera, and expect a large battery life with the 3,400mAh battery. You can get different sizes of storage from 16 GB up to 32 GB, and the quad-core 800 processor should make it fast enough to use for all your functions.

More or less, this Nokia phablet is enough to compete seriously with other top-selling smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note. Maybe you should take a look and see if the new phone is good enough for you.

Other things new from Nokia

According to The Verge, Nokia will also be debuting their Lumia 2520 at Nokia World this year. Expected to have all the standard expected from tablets, it will also focus heavily on the quality of images taken with the camera. There have even been pictures of the device released in a red color, so it is expected that color options will be available. Following Apple’s lead, Nokia is also expected to announce low-cost alternatives to their products for people who want the nice stuff without having to pay so much.

There will also be many accessories available for these products, though none of them have leaked yet. One of these may be the Nokia Guru device expected to be announced. Rumors say that it is a small music player that can be used anywhere. Some reports say that it can pair up with phones while others say it is a stand-alone device. Either way, you can expect a lot of fun and new things to be shown off during the Nokia World event. It is one you probably don’t want to miss, so make sure you check it out tomorrow!


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Chantel Fullilove

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