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Give Consumers Real Experiences Through Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

As mobile marketing becomes more popular, companies are left to come up with unique and creative ways to reach their consumers and keep them interested.  Data shows that the more interactive and exciting mobile advertisements are, the more likely they are to bring in and keep business.  It is amazing the creativity several companies have when it comes to mobile marketing, and the competition to come up with the most creative techniques has never been greater.  If companies want to see success from mobile marketing, they must be willing to invest the time it takes to come up with fun and exciting ways to keep their consumers involved with the company.

According to Mobile Marketer, General Mills currently has a successful and creative way of reaching their mobile market with their new Nature Valley Trail View virtual hiking paths.  In order to promote their Nature Valley products, General Mills has come up with a way for their outdoor loving consumers to view hiking trails and plan trips via General Mills’ interactive application.  Not only does the application receive great response from consumers because it has the most updated maps of national parks and other popular hiking trails and camping grounds, it also encourages consumers to take Nature Valley products with them on their adventures.  General Mills stated that most consumers who use the interactive application treat it as a planning tool when they visit national parks or experience outdoor adventures.  Because the company makes sure that they keep the most updated maps on the application, more business is acquired because people count on the application for the maps and in return receive special deals on Nature Valley products.

Focusing on consumer needs

Companies who spend valuable time focusing on the needs of their consumers tend to see the most success from mobile marketing.  Reaching out to the mobile market with coupons and special promotions is a great way to bring in business, but companies need to remember that consumers also appreciate being treated like real people and not just another form of income. Companies who take the time to create mobile experiences that benefit the lives of consumers just like General Mills did are more likely to not only bring in new business but also retain it.  With the ease of mobile marketing the importance of the consumer is often overlooked, so companies should take advantage of new technologies and make mobile marketing a memorable experience for their consumers.  They will see great success in return if they do so.


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