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Goodyear Finds Increase in Business with New Towing Application
Scott Navratil

Goodyear Tire Company has just introduced a new 24-hour towing service mobile application, which has already seen great success.  According to Mobile Marketer, the application caters to stranded motorists who need quick and efficient roadside assistance.  The new application was introduced just in time for the Independence Day holiday when several Americans take vacations.  Customers can rest assured that all they need to do in order to become part of Goodyear’s new towing service is download the TOW365 application to any of their mobile devices.  The application provides round-the-clock towing services at the lowest prices possible, and as a bonus, Goodyear does not require a sign up or membership fee.  When consumers have vehicle troubles and need a tow, the TOW365 app directly connects drivers to towing companies who work alongside Goodyear.  Goodyear also promises set prices so there are not any surprises after the towing is taken care of.  Goodyear has acknowledged how quickly mobile technology is advancing, and consumers count on that technology to make their lives as convenient as possible, and Goodyear has done just that.  Not only does the application connect drivers with towing companies, it also gives towing companies the direct location of the vehicle, and it does not matter what time of day it is, the service is always available.  The convenience of the application is a great selling point for consumers, but also because it brings peace of mind that no matter where they are traveling they can receive help when in need.

Putting mobile applications to work for your company

Not only is Goodyear’s new towing application a big hit with consumers because it quickly helps them take care of vehicle issues that often times take hours, days, weeks… but it also promotes Goodyear’s services.  Consumers appreciate the convenience and ease of the towing app, and therefore bring their business to Goodyear because of how pleasant their experience was.  Goodyear has found a successful way to promote their services and their unbeatable prices as well as help their consumers when they are in need.  Ultimately, Goodyear is in an ideal situation when it comes to mobile marketing.  In an interview with Mobile Marketer, Goodyear claims that even though they are a company founded clear back in the late 1800s, they recognize the importance to keep up with advancing marketing strategies and that includes becoming part of the mobile marketing world.  Companies should also take that advice and take advantage of mobile marketing strategies like interactive applications because in the long run it will only bring in more business.


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