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Google phones offering more every day: Nexus 5
Scott Navratil

New phones from Google are not nearly as exciting as a new iPhone, but there is still quite a bit of buzz. Most people want to know what is going on with the new Android platform and want a chance to play with a new phone. Those who like Android will be all over the new Nexus 5 that will be released fairly soon. You may want to take a few minutes and get yourself acquainted with the phone before it comes out.

A few things to note

There are always new features and things to make special note of when a new phone is released. With the release of the new Nexus 5, you can expect Google phones to be getting even better than ever before. According to ZDNet, there are seven things you need to know about the new phone:

1. LG and Google are still partnering. That means you can expect all the good things from LG to still be put in every Nexus 5 phone purchased. With great stuff on the inside, the phone will be perfect for most people.

2. LTE Support. The Nexus 4 was a let down for a lot of people because of the lack of LTE support. That is why Google worked so hard to produce a phone that had it.

3. Better than the Nexus 4. With a bigger screen, better processor, and wireless charging, the Nexus 5 is basically just a small step up from the Nexus 4.

4. More storage options. It is expected that there will be bigger storage options for the new phone. The past phones only had 8GB and 16GB storage capacity. The new one will likely have a 32GB option.

5. Better camera and battery. The battery life should be better with the new phone, which is a big deal for most people. Also, the camera will have much better image quality. It is another thing people look for in a good phone now and days.

6. Color options. It is expected that Google is keeping up with the Jones and will have many colors available for the Nexus 5. If it were not to offer the option of colors, it may start falling behind other manufacturers.

7. Kit Kat operating system. The new Kit Kat operating system will probably be on the Nexus 5. If not, people would be pretty upset. Why get the latest and greatest new phone if it doesn’t even come with the latest and greatest operating system?

Overall expectations: should you get it?

If you liked the Nexus 4 quite a bit, then it would certainly be worth your time to try and get the Nexus 5. It is a little bit of an improvement, though it seems like the new phone will not be much better. Like I said, it is only worth getting the 5 if you really liked the 4. It seems phone companies now and days are running out of inventive ideas to try and get us better technology, or maybe a cell phone with the internet at your fingertips is the best it gets.

Source: ZDNet

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