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Google releases first ever phone: Google Pixel
Scott Navratil

Google has had an exciting week full of announcements, one of which was the announcement of Google Pixel, the first ever smartphone produced by Google. The announcement came along with the announcement of Google Home and the focus on more virtual reality. Though Google has certainly been involved in the smartphone market for a while now, this is the first mobile device the company has built inside and out.

Specs and release date

The Google Pixel will be released on October 20 in the US and will be sold starting at $649, according to Mobile Marketing Magazine. The phone has all your basic smartphone features with some enhancements. First off, it can charge in just 15 minutes with a quick charge, It has the best camera of any smartphone available on the market right now and the ability to watch movies in 4K. One of the features people are most excited about is the fact that the phone will have a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone where your finger naturally expects it instead of using the front screen to scan. Then there is the fact that it will be the first mobile device that comes with Google Assistant, which means it will work seamlessly in your home with Google Home.

Focusing on Virtual Reality

Google seems to think Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing in the market, that consumers want to feel like they are in an arena when they are really at home or feel like they are touring a castle from their living room couch. That is why Google Pixel was built with VR in mind and a focus on making a better device that can be used with VR. While it is unclear at this point whether or not VR really is going to become popular among average consumers, it is still a pretty cool thing and makes sense for Google to focus on in their new smartphone release.

Accessing everything from your smartphone

Smartphones are becoming the center of our lives, especially as technology progresses and provides more opportunities for us to use it in our everyday lives. More and more consumers are using their phones to completely organize their lives, which means a phone isn’t ever far away. Being able to communicate with your customers via smartphone is a smart move for your business, especially knowing that your customers always have a phone in hand and will receive that message within seconds.

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