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Google shares 10 mobile marketing tips
Scott Navratil

Mobile is a huge yet largely untapped opportunity for marketers. Why is it so underutilized? Because mobile presents a unique challenge to marketers. While marketers can count on consumers watching TV from their couches, or on their computers while sitting at a desk, mobile consumers can be anywhere, doing anything, and using a variety of very different devices. To help marketers better reach out to mobile consumers, Google gave some helpful tips at this year’s SES conference in San Francisco.

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Here’s a look at Google’s 10 mobile marketing tips:

1. Use bid adjustments. When advertising through AdWords, make use of bid adjustments to fine tune the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. By targeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time you’ll see a better return on your investment without having to increase advertising costs

2. Profit the best measure of success. Constantly experiment with bidding strategies and higher positions and see what it does for profits. Find a good balance between expenses and profits

3. Measure everything. A marketing campaign is useless unless you’re gathering as much data as possible in order to measure its effectiveness. Analyze the data and learn from it

4. Use a mobile app. Apps are powerful ways to communicate with customers. Measure the success of the app and analyze how customers are interacting with it. Constantly fine tune it and make it easy and intuitive for customers to make purchases through the app

5. Get customers to engage via app. The vast majority of time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps. A key to success with mobile apps is tracking how your customers are using it. Don’t focus on micro and macro conversions only. Look at combinations of the two that result in favorable outcomes

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6. Marketing tools need to integrate seamlessly across multiple devices. In order to get a holistic view of a customer’s interactions with your company, you’ll need to have the right tools and software

7. Avoid marketing speak. Not everyone understands marketing jargon. Translate it in a way that allows stakeholders to see the success of a marketing effort

8. Automate whenever possible. If a task can be automated, do it. It allows you to focus on strategy and analysis. Find a good balance between automation and management

9. You don’t need to have a mobile friendly website to make use of mobile bid modifiers

10. Google offers a number of mobile ad types. Be familiar with all of them and know how to use them


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