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How social and mobile marketing work together
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing encompasses a wide variety of ways to communicate with your client. Essentially, any way you can market to your client while they are using their smartphone is included. This means there are many different ways to get to your clients. It is an especially useful way to market given that the average American spends about a third of their awake-time during the day using smartphones. A large portion of that, however, is the use of social media. Of course there are other things people do on their phones, but social media is a huge playing factor.

All about communication

One of the reasons why people like social media so much and have flocked to sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr is that they like to engage with others, and one of the best ways to do that is online. Of course, there are many online forums for those who really want to get down to business in deep conversations, but the average person is more interested in engaging with their friends on a regular basis, according to Skyword. That is why one of the best strategies to social marketing on mobile is to encourage your audience to engage with one another.

Engaging with customers

There are a few different ways to encourage customers engagement. The first is through competitions where customers are to post pictures of themselves with your product and then pick someone to win. This gives you a lot of marketing material but also helps your customers engage with each other and market to their friends for you. The prize can be free product, a gift card, or even just the recognition of having you use their photo in your marketing.

Another option would be to let them name some type of product for you or come up with a new product for your business. One example of this would be when Lays allowed customers to give them ideas for new chip flavors and then had their social media followers vote on the flavors they wanted to see turned into reality. This kind of marketing gets buyers fired up and excited as well as creating a buzz for the company. A lot of companies have been using this same type of marketing to get the word out about their products or services.

Communicating with your customers isn’t just about social media though. It is also about making sure they have a way to contact you with questions and a way for you to get back to them. An automated texting platform is a really great way to communicate because it means your customers can text in their questions and get immediate, automatic responses or have a customer service rep call them to answer their questions. As long as you are finding ways to stay in communication with your customers, you will find success.

Source: Skyword

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