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How Superheros Taught me about Customer Service
Scott Navratil

Superheros are a big deal right now. If you aren’t watching a superhero show, you’re probably at least planning to see the next movie that comes out. There are multiple series running as well as movies being made that cover pretty much every superhero you’d be interested in seeing in action. But did you know that superheroes actually have a few things to teach about customer service? Here is what I have learned.

Get the right technology

Even the superheroes that have natural abilities usually have some sort of technology equipped to focus and maintain their power. No matter how strong the superhero is, they are much more effective and confident in their abilities after they’ve gotten the best equipment and technology put on.

This applies to businesses as well. You can have the best and brightest customer service team available and still be struggling if you aren’t providing them with the right technology. Updated computer programs, access to social media, the ability to communicate through text, and even artificial intelligence will make a huge difference in the team’s ability to really get the job done right. Your team will become more efficient with help from the right artificial intelligence consultant to assist in improving your current technology.

Focus on teamwork

So many superhero movies have been about the good guys being unable to beat the bad guys by themselves. Instead, they must work as a team and work with everyone’s strengths and weaknesses separately to win. Once they’ve finally started working together as a team, they find success.

It is this way with your work environment too. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so if a customer service team wants to find success, they need to work with them. If someone is really good at talking to customers or calming people down, put them on phones. If someone else is really great with social media, have them be in charge of monitoring all the sites. Another person might be great at typing but not as good in speech, and they can be responsible for typing emails and responding to customer complaints on review sites. If you tackle it as a team and focus on the strengths of each individual team member, at the end of the day, your company will see great success in customer service. If, on the other hand, you force employees to work on things they aren’t good at or comfortable with and without the help of anyone else in the office, they will not be successful in the endeavor.

The key here is that you must recognize individuals for their efforts and hard work because the truth is, some people in the office just won’t be as good as others, and those who are good deserve to be rewarded. However, making an effort as a team will also help build those who are struggling and lift them up. Just like every superhero has a power they alone can wield, they still have to work as a team to lift others during times of crisis and bring back down to earth the most powerful superheroes.

Working with the rest of the company

Superheros have learned to work not only just for the good of all men as they see fit but also with governments and agencies to get the needed information to be able to stop crime before it happens and keep it from escalating in the future. It is where they go to get most of their information. The combined effort is what makes the superhero so successful.

That is the same with your whole company working in sync together. You can have a superhero-like customer service team doing everything, but it could all crumble beneath them if the rest of the company isn’t working with them to give them the information they need to have success. Working as a team applies to your whole business just as much as it does to the customer service department.

If you can get your business to work like a successful superhero squad, you’ll do great.

Chantel Fullilove

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