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How to Avoid Modern Customer Service Mistakes
Scott Navratil

Over the years, customer service has changed drastically, which has partly been because of technological advancements but partly because businesses have changed what they value most. But is modern day customer service costing you business? Here are a few ways you can avoid modern customer service mistakes.

How modern customer service is sacrificed

It used to be that every business put effort into making sure their customers were happy. After all, before the internet, a lot of your business came from word of mouth, so if your customers weren’t happy, you’d never get new business. On top of that, repeat business made up a huge part of sales, which meant you needed to make sure your customers were happy, so they would come back again. In today’s world with technology ever-present, a lot of business is developed online, and new customers are a little easier to come by. Companies tell people they would rather have a cheaper product than have the extra costs of great customer service, according to the Telegraph. And on top of that, companies don’t feel the same need to keep customers happy as they used to, though the truth is, it should be more important than ever.

Provide better technological customer service

Because technology is so easily available, why don’t we use it to provide even better customer service than ever before instead of using it as an excuse to slack? Using an automated texting platform to answer customer’s questions in an instant without having to hire customer service to do it is one way you can improve your customer service using today’s technology. The best part about it is that you can still offer lower-cost products because you aren’t spending too much money to keep a customer support team around. Texting can easily be used to build up your business without spending too much money. It also makes it easier for you to ask your customers on a personal level whether or not they were satisfied with their purchase.

Social media interactions

Social media provides a place for customers to easily contact your business. Though this is great, it also makes for a perfect breeding ground of complaints that can be more easily seen by other customers. It may take only a couple of people’s bad reviews on Facebook to lose a lot more business. That is why it is essential that you are on social media monitoring these reviews and responding to them as quickly as possible. Take the time to reach out to them, and you won’t regret it.


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