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How to boost word of mouth marketing
Scott Navratil

One of the best ways to get new customers is through word of mouth. People who really love your product or service will tell their friends, and their friends will buy what you have to sell. But how can you as a business encourage more word of mouth marketing?

Make interacting with your company easy

People who are going to refer your business to their friends and family need to be able to interact with you easily. For example, you want your customers to be able to share your business page on their social media platforms. Customers want to be able to call out your social media business page in their post, and their friends want to be able to easily click on your business name and find out more information about your company.

By making it easier to interact with your business, you are making it easier for your customers to share information about you with their friends.

Reward customers who share

Another good way to boost word of mouth marketing is by rewarding your customers for sharing with their friends. Many companies offer extra gift cards or rewards points for every friend that is referred and actually signs up for the product or service. People won’t refer their friends unless they absolutely love your product, but they are more willing to do so if they feel as though they are getting something in return. You can also send text marketing messages to customers, so they know exactly what their reward is for sharing with their friends.

The reward doesn’t always have to be huge. Even a small discount on your products is enough to encourage customers to refer you to their friends.

Don’t miss out on influencers

Another thing to consider is that influencers make a big difference in the marketing world, especially now when even small influencers on social media can really boost your sales. Find influencers that meet your target audience, and work out a deal with them. They should be able to easily promote your product as a part of their everyday social media interactions. It should create a ripple effect that leads to their followers trying and sharing your product with their friends as well.

Consider the bigger picture of your company

One thing that really gets people talking, especially the Millennial generation, is if your company has something bigger than your product or service that they can talk about. They want to be able to tell their friends all about how they helped save a village in India with their Sunglasses purchase. If you can give your customers a bigger picture of something they can talk about, you give your business a lot more opportunity for natural word of mouth advertising.

If you don’t already have something your company does that people can talk about, it might be time to come up with one. It really is a really great way to encourage word of mouth advertising. Once you have something, make sure you highlight it in your text marketing and social media marketing efforts, so customers know what they are supporting and can get behind the cause as well.  


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