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How to create the perfect landing page: Six tips
Scott Navratil

You’ve already built a loyal fan base through an SMS campaign. You’ve got a perfectly crafted text message complete with a link to your new website and you’re ready to send it to your mobile subscribers. It’s the ideal channel for driving web traffic since SMS boasts a 36% click-through rate (roughly ten times better than the click-through rate for email). But there is still one thing you need to take care of. You need to make sure that the landing page on your website is ready for all the mobile web traffic you’ll be getting. A poorly designed landing page won’t get you the conversion rate you’re hoping for so consider the following six tips for creating the perfect landing page.

Blazing fast load times

Load times have a huge impact on bounce rate (the percentage of people who leave your page without clicking on anything after they arrive there). How fast your page loads is important for all website visitors but especially your mobile ones since they have less patience than their non-mobile counterparts. Since this is an SMS campaign you’re running, everyone reaching this landing page is a mobile visitor. There are several things you can do to keep load times as short as possible to minimize the chance of visitors giving up before the page loads.

Mobile friendly design

Mobile friendly websites aren’t just traditional websites scaled down for smaller screens. The way information is displayed and the ease of navigation have to be completely different. The cheaper option is a responsive design layout which most website building platforms already use. This allows your website to adapt according to the device being used to access it. An even better option, though, if you can afford it, is a dedicated mobile version of your site that is designed top to bottom for mobile users. Either option is better than sending mobile users to a desktop website they can’t read or navigate easily.

Make use of heatmaps

Heatmaps are an analytics tool that help you track the mouse cursor or finger on your landing page. Since website visitors’ eyes typically follow their cursor (or finger), heatmaps tell you where visitors are spending most of their time looking. We already know that website visitors’ eyes typically follow an “E” shape. They scan the title at the top of the page, then skim down the left margin until they find a line that’s interesting, which they’ll skim across, then down, then across, etc… But heatmaps can tell you more specifically if they’re looking in the place you want them to look. If there eyes aren’t finding their way to your call to action easily, it can tell you what elements of your landing page might be distracting.

Don’t ask for too much

Your call to action, whatever it is, shouldn’t ask too much of your site visitors. The more you ask, the less likely they are to do it. Get them to do one very simple task, like, enter their birthdate or email address and leave it at that. You’ll get a much better response this way.

Use visuals wisely

Mobile users are unlikely to read huge chunks of copy on a webpage. Your page will need some kind of visual elements whether it’s an infographic, an embedded video, an image, an interactive map or slideshow, or something else. Ask yourself if you’re throwing in the visual element just to have one or if it’s something that really complements the text on the page. Your landing page needs visual elements, but they also need to contribute something beyond just checking a box.

Include one or two testimonials

The landing page is an ideal spot for testimonials even if you have a page dedicated to them elsewhere on your website. Including just one or two, especially if they’re video testimonials can sway website visitors more than just about anything else since they see other real-life people sharing their positive experience with your brand.

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