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How to Improve Bank Customer Service
Scott Navratil

Banks tend to have a hard time staying on top of the latest technology trends and incorporating them into their regular, everyday use, let alone into customer service. But it is essential that banks, credit unions, and any other financial institution work to improve customer service. The internet has made it very easy for people to bank anywhere instead of just the financial institutions closeby, so it is important to provide excellent customer service keeping customers satisfied. And to do that, banks much start using more technology.

Changing technology is hard, especially since financial institutions must be very careful to not compromise any privacy or personal information in the process, but an artificial intelligence company can ensure you get set up properly and that all security measures are taken to protect bank customers. Here are some different ways technology can be incorporated into banking to improve bank customer service.

Texting services

One of the most effective ways to communicate with customers is through automated texting services. Instead of having to call or log in to their account to check a balance, customers can simply text an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to get their balance. They can also use text to ask about when the bank is going to close or whether or not the bank will be open on Saturday or holidays.

Allowing your customers to communicate with customer service through an AI text platform will help save everyone time.

These types of AI platforms are already in place at many financial institutions, so it is imperative that those companies who haven’t started get it in place immediately to stay ahead of the competition.

Create an app

Everything is done on our phones now. Most people prefer to check their accounts, apply for loans or credit cards, and pay bills through their smartphones. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then an app needs to be part of your end game. And it needs to be useful. Basic bank apps should include:

  • Balance check/account activity: Do this for all accounts at the same bank. Chase, for example, offers the ability to see all bank accounts and credit card accounts in one place on their app
  • Bill Pay: If customers can do this on the go, it is less to worry about later
  • Apply for other accounts (savings, checking, investing, etc): Make it easier for customers to get the full banking experience they want in one place
  • Apply for credit cards: People usually apply for credit cards on impulse. Have it available on your app, and you’ll likely get more applications and satisfied customers
  • Debit card shutoff: Almost every bank with an app has this features, which customers appreciate, especially those who often lose their debit cards
  • Thumbprint scanner alternative to password: Instead of having to always remember a big, secure password all the time, a fingerprint is secure and can provide a quick way into the app
  • Dispute center: Inevitably, every financial institution will be dealing with fraud and other dispute claims. Make it easier on customers by putting it on the app

Stay in contact

One way to improve bank customer service is to ensure that you stay in contact with bank customers as much as possible. This might mean sending a weekly email with tips or tricks about budgeting or information about new bank features. It might also mean getting on social media, so consumers have another place they can go to reach you. Whether through phone calls, text message, or any other form of communication, being easily accessible to your customers will improve customer relationships significantly. Fortunately, with AI technology, it is possible to be available 24/7 without actually having to have real people available all the time.

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