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How to Write a Great Campaign Text Message
Claudia Perez

Welcome to text message marketing with EquiiText!

It is so exciting when new members first begin using their text messaging platforms. Business owners around the country already have big ideas about how best to utilize and integrate SMS marketing and advertising in the most effective ways; it’s all about increasing that ROI!

But where do we start, and how?

First things first, it is important to be aware of the different types of messages you can send out to large groups of contacts:personal, commercial, neutral, and spammy.

It is an EquiiText best practice to focus on a campaign message that encourages two-way communication between your business and your customers.

In other words, a message sent out to multiple people should be personal, commercial, or neutral, such as,

“Hello! This is John from John & Co. I was wondering if you had a moment to chat today about an amazing promotion we’re running 🙂 Reply YES or NOT NOW”

which runs a score of 99.51% commercial.

A message such as this gives recipients the opportunity to reply back to your platform to learn more information about your company and to receive your specific marketing and advertising messages. The automatic responders are the best place to put content regarding deals, specials, promotions,and more, since the people who are genuinely interested in receiving that information will purposefully trigger those responders, whereas people who are uninterested will opt-out or choose not to respond at all.

Sending a marketing or advertising message in a large campaign is likely to be regarded as a spammy message. For example, a message that reads,

“Hello! This is John from John & Co. We are running a special promotion for our VIP customers! Up to 50% off select products today only – text YES or NOT NOW”

runs a score of 99.92% spammy; on the EquiiText platform,any campaign message over an 80% spam score will not be permitted to send.

EquiiText places customer engagement and communication above all else, and for good reason! Almost all text messages are read within mere seconds of being received, but if the message strikes the wrong note with a customer, he or she is less likely to respond positively. Consumers enjoy receiving text messages from businesses they like, more so than phone calls and emails. However, spamming a customer’s phone leads to lower deliverability, fewer opens, and fewer happy customers.

Want to learn more about using SpinTax in campaign messages for even better deliverability and open rates? Check out this How Spintax Delivers More Text Messages blog and improve your best practices score immediately!‍

Good luck, and happy texting!

Chantel Fullilove

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