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Huge announcement of Android Kit Kat operating system
Scott Navratil

Google has just announced the name of its new Android operating system, and it has been a huge shock for everyone. The name “Kit Kat” was a huge surprise, even to Google employees, as most people thought the new name of the operating system would be Key Lime Pie.

How did it happen?

The name Key Lime Pie was actually picked out for the project already, and it has been referred to as KLP the whole time, even after the name changed, according to BBC. Apparently, Google keeps Kit Kat Bars in its kitchen. Someone was in there grabbing one and suggested they make a name change. Apparently they liked it, and Nestle too, because the name was changed. It didn’t take a lot of negotiating, and Google promises it wasn’t a payoff.

Surprisingly, the two companies were able to keep the name a secret for many months. It really shocked people when they found out the name. Google is definitely excited that they were able to keep it a secret and surprise everyone. In fact, Google employees didn’t find out what the name of the new Android operating system was going to be until the Kit Kat mascot was unveiled in front of its headquarters, according to BBC. That’s a pretty well-kept secret, especially since Kit Kat was in production of new Android-themed bars. Google said they were able to keep the secret because they continued to refer to the project as KLP, which threw most people off.

Associations with other brands

According to BBC News, it is never good to mix brand names together like that. It means that you are associated with the other brand. If the other brand gets in trouble for something, people will look bad at you for being associated with them, and if the other brand does something great, you will end up getting credit for it. There are positives and negatives, but it ends up taking the control out of your hands.

Get your Kit Kats right now

Though this deal between Kit Kat and Google was not intended to make extra money, supposedly, but that hasn’t stopped Kit Kat from producing Kit Kats with the Android logo on them. Nestle plans to sell over 50 million of the branded bars. I guess it will benefit both companies, even if they promised it wasn’t about the money.

Source: BBC

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