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How iBeacons Improve Business
Scott Navratil

Apple’s newest technology known as iBeacon has taken the retail world by storm, and should definitely be considered as a mobile marketing tactic for all companies.  iBeacon is an indoor positioning system retailers use to notify nearby IOS device users of their presence.  iBeacon also sends push notifications or text messages to customers letting them know about special promotions companies are offering.  Customers can even search for specific items using iBeacon to find the best deals at the closest locations.  The best part about the iBeacon technology is that it is low cost, making mobile marketing easy to afford by every type of company!

New iBeacon device accessible to more than just IOS devices

One of the few downsides of iBeacon is that it only works on IOS devices, but according to Venture Beat, a company in San Francisco known as Swarm Mobile is launching a new device similar to the iBeacon that can be used on IOS devices and eventually Android devices as long as they are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.  So far the iBeacon technology is used by big league retail companies, but this new device called Swarm Portal tracks foot traffic and sales data of small businesses.  The goal of Swarm Portal is to kick-start smaller businesses by making access to their products easier through the use of modern technology.  Swarm Portal was created by Rudd Davis, a tech entrepreneur, who wanted to help his parents’ small company in Vermont expand.  At the time, Davis didn’t expect the product to become as desirable as it is today. Currently, the device has received approximately 10,000 pre-orders since the launch date, and the numbers continue to grow.  Swarm Mobile has worked with Fortune 500 brick-and-mortars on expanding data analytics, but Davis is determined to keep the price of his product as low as possible specifically for small businesses.  

Why businesses should invest in iBeacon or Swarm Portal

The question is why shouldn’t businesses invest in one of these technologies?  Mobile marketing is continuing to grow, and companies need to keep up with technology in order to continue bringing in business.  iBeacon and Swarm Portal do not only benefit customers, but benefit the companies as well by giving them instant data information that usually takes much more time and effort to receive.  Because of the low cost of these technologies, companies can afford them, and even make money from them since statistics show they generally bring in more business. Getting the word out about your business has never been easier or more affordable!


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