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IBM’s Watson Leading the Way in AI
Scott Navratil

Equiitext offers businesses a way to communicate with their customers through a patented artificial intelligence platform that will send and receive texts from customers. In today’s world, customer service is highly neglected despite the fact that it is one of the most important facets of any working business model. The problem is trying to find ways to communicate with customers in a way that they are comfortable. Businesses need to start thinking on the same level as their customers if they are going to have success, which is why a texting platform is so important.

Being able to answer texts automatically by recognizing questions in natural language and automatically respond to them is what Equiitext has focused on since the beginning. Being able to use IBM’s Watson will help improve the rate at which Equiitext’s Android app can understand questions and find logical answers to them.

IBM’s Watson technology

IBM created an artificial intelligence program called Watson a couple of years ago. The idea was to produce a computer program that could find more accurate information than a human in a faster time. Its big debut was on Jeopardy when the robot went up against the hardest challenger ever known on the TV show. The computer was able to win the competition. After all was said and done, people were very impressed with the computer’s ability to recognize a question and answer it accurately.

Now, the IBM Watson program is being used in various settings to improve work situations. In the healthcare industry, the program could make a huge difference to how quickly and accurately diagnoses are made after the doctor gathers information. It could be a huge game changer in the health industry because it could mean doctors get by with less education and less pay while the machine does most of the work. Though a machine won’t replace humans for surgeries or real-life interactions anytime soon, it could definitely help aid a doctor to finding the answer to someone’s medical problem.

How Equiitext will improve

As it is already known, Equiitext already has an artificial intelligence messaging platform that can recognize and respond to texts from customers. However, the IBM Watson technology will help improve the apps accuracy by providing more data to draw from. Customer service efforts will be significantly improved as Equiitext and Watson technology are able to work together efficiently.

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