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The Importance of Keeping Mobile Marketing Tactics Updated
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing for companies now that mobile technology is so popular among consumers.  But as technology advances, mobile marketing strategies become more complex and require more time from companies in order to stay updated.  Mobile marketing used to be as simple as sending a simple SMS or email to selected consumers with a 10% off coupon attached.  While this tactic is still successful to some extent, consumers expect more from their mobile experiences.  Popular forms of mobile marketing include interactive applications for smartphones and tablets, and interactive social media advertisements.  The keyword is interactive.  Consumers are much more willing – if not excited – to participate in interactive mobile marketing than they have been in the past, and that is because mobile technology has become a part of most consumers’ everyday lives.  Consumers are attached to their mobile devices like they are to any other necessities, and this is great news for consumers because it means their advertisements will always be seen.  Companies should not underestimate the time it takes to run successful mobile marketing campaigns, however.  If companies want to see success from mobile marketing, they need to constantly be aware of the newest technology and make sure that their mobile campaigns are always up-to-date.  We live in an impatient society, and consumers quickly become bored and uninterested with companies who do not keep their mobile marketing tactics updated.

ESPN’s fantasy football application updates

According to Mobile Marketer, ESPN is all too familiar with constantly being on top of their mobile marketing to ensure that their consumers are always happy.  With football season just around the corner, ESPN has already taken the steps to completely re-vamp their fantasy football application making sure it is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.  The new layout of the app is simple to use for users of all ages, and rather than having to log onto a computer to use certain features, all of the features are available on the app now, making life convenient for users – and convenience for consumers is the most important part when it comes to mobile marketing!  ESPN is aware that consumers spend much of their time on their mobile devices, so mobile marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach consumers anymore.  ESPN’s goal is to be a company that consumers can count on for the latest sports news and trends, and so far they have seen great success simply because they keep their mobile marketing strategies fresh and exciting for users.  With each new sports season comes a new edition of mobile marketing, and that is why consumers continue to stick with ESPN applications over other sports apps.  A simple SMS or email is not enough anymore.  Companies need to become involved with mobile marketing technology if they want to continue to see growth in business and maintain loyal consumers.


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