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The Importance of Personalizing Mobile Ads
Scott Navratil

One of the great benefits of mobile marketing is it allows companies to reach out to a broad number of consumers.  Perhaps a more challenging task for mobile marketers is personalizing advertisements in order to make their consumers feel important to the company rather than just another number on the data sheets.  Consumers like to feel important.  In fact, the more appreciated consumers feel, the more loyal they become to companies.  So while it might be more time consuming, and might even cost a little more to personalize mobile advertisements, it is well worth it!

Consumers become easily frustrated when they are bombarded by irrelevant tweets, emails, text messages, and app notifications, so personalizing mobile advertisements is a great way for companies to avoid annoying their customers.  Amazon and EBay were a few of the first companies to try personalizing advertisements by making product recommendations for their customers based on previous purchases and searches. Thanks to the advanced technology of smartphones and tablets, personalizing mobile advertisements has never been easier.  Because companies can reach consumers on such a personal level, it is important that they do not abuse their relationship with their consumers by overwhelming them with generic advertisements because it will quickly push them away.  So far, personalized advertisements in every form have been proven a success, and Mobile Marketer believes that it is a necessary marketing strategy for businesses of all types.

How L’Oreal made their mobile advertisements personal  

There are several ways companies can reach out to their customers on a personal level, and it is up to the company to be creative with their mobile marketing tactics.  L’Oreal has tapped into the personalized mobile advertising technique in a creative way.  Using GumGum’s photo recognition technology, consumers can upload a photo of themselves through the L’Oreal mobile ad, and L’Oreal will send them hair color ideas that will complement their features.  This marketing tactic proved successful primarily with L’Oreal’s ombre line, which showed consumers which ombre style would work best with their complexion and natural hair color.  According to Mobile Marketer, when consumers receive personalized suggestions like this, they are more likely to respond to the mobile advertisements and purchase the product. Not only has L’Oreal reached out to their consumers on a personal level, they also did it in a convenient and creative way.  L’Oreal can be used as a great example that personalized advertisements will bring in more consumers, and it will also create a loyal consumer base, giving companies a trustworthy name and keeping them in business.


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