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Important communication through text marketing
Scott Navratil

Communicating is key to running a business, whether that be your communication within the workplace or communication to your clients. It used to be that most workplace communication came through business meetings, phone calls, and emails if you were just sharing dates and times but not for important conversations. Now, all that seems to have changed as texting and text marketing has become a much more important part of our work environment and constant communication.

Communication in the office

In the office, things won’t get done unless everyone is communicating. It is definitely too much work for one person to do everything, which means all the employees need to communicate as if they were one person. This is especially true in small businesses. Being able to quickly communicate information through text is important. Most people don’t even check their voicemail anymore, so it isn’t worth trying to leave a message if you can’t reach someone. If you need to get a message read immediately, sending it by text is the fastest way to ensure the message is read. According to Mashable, texting is the future of businesses, and you can expect your communication to change to more texting in the future.

Communication with customers

When your customers need help with something, they are willing to wait on the phone for 30 minutes in line for the “next available customer service rep,” but they usually aren’t happy anymore when the 30 minutes is up. It would be much easier for them to send a text, and it would even be easier for you to respond. Though more in-depth conversations will still need to take place on the phone, but it would be easier to respond with “a rep will call you shortly to discuss your situation” than make them wait in line on the phone for hours.

Another reason it is important to communicate with customers is to give them a sense of trust with your business. The more they trust you and feel a connection with you, the more likely they are to come in and spend their money with you. Developing trust can be difficult, but it is much easier if you have open forms of communication with your customers. One of these is texting, and it is more popular than you could imagine.

Mobile advertising is big

According to Mashable, text marketing is the next best thing, but it isn’t through banners and ads as you may think. In fact, many large companies have already jumped on board with SMS advertising. Think about it: if a person checks their phone multiple times a day for notifications and even gets notified through new smartwatches of updates, then what are the chances that person will see your text right away and respond to it? The worst thing that could possibly happen is that they get sick of your messages once a week and unsubscribe from it. The best thing is that you will remind your customers to come in, and they will make another purchase. Try it out for a while and see how it helps you.


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