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Innovation is key, Apple hopes with iWatch
Scott Navratil

As Apple has changed the way we view technology in the past, it is probably hoping to have a say in the way we view technology in the future. Though some would suggest you always have to be first, Apple has proven time and time again that you don’t have to be first, you just have to do it right. And maybe with the new iWatch, they will prove that again.

Apple of the past

With the invention of the iPod came millions of dollars in sales for Apple. Though there were other MP3 and other listening devices out there available already, Apple proved to everyone that they could do it better and sell more. The same thing happened with smartphones. Though Blackberry was obviously ahead of the curve with secured access to email, Apple proved that they could make a better smartphone and beat everyone else to the point where Blackberry is barely even selling anymore. And now, maybe Apple can again offer some sort of great piece of technology to prove they are the best with the new iWatch expected to be released, but can it push other players out of the water like it has in the past?

What does Apple have to offer?

The iWatch is likely going to have the basic functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and other smartwatches already currently on the market. According to the New York Times, the watch is expected to track fitness, make payments, and work basic mobile apps such as texting, calling, maps, and more. But what would be nice would be a sleeker watch that would look good on everyone rather than the bulky interfaces currently available. The real struggle, though, will be lining up partners to make it so the smartwatch is already easily available and useful to consumers before it is released. According to the New York TImes article, the reason the iPod was so successful was because it came with iTunes, an easy interface for keeping and managing music. But the only way to get iTunes was through multiple contracts allowing Apple to sell music online. If the iWatch is going to be as successful, it has to come with everyone you already need.

One thing it is expected Apple is currently working on trying to use the iWatch for health care tracking, which could be a huge challenge since privacy concerns need to be addressed before things can proceed. But Apple, a company known for getting things done, is the perfect company to make it happen. Of course, the most important thing available on the iWatch will be the ability to send and receive text messages. This is the most important thing on every cell phone and smartwatch right now, and though the current capabilities aren’t super great for smartwatches, Apple has a huge opportunity to improve it. After all, what do your customers want more than a fast and easy way to communicate not only with their friends and family, but also with your business. So, as Apple works on building a new, user-friendly smartwatch, you should continue working on building up your automated text systems.


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