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Interactive Applications Win Again
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing today with the help of the popularity of mobile devices.  Consumers of all ages enjoy downloading applications that allow them to interact and engage with their favorite companies.  There are several companies who see creating marketing applications as a waste of time and money, but what these companies do not realize is that consumers are constantly searching for these types of apps.  Companies have the opportunity to reach out to their consumers in a very personal way through mobile marketing, which will ultimately lead to more business and a loyal consumer base.  Companies who have decided to create mobile marketing apps have seen great success because consumers appreciate when companies keep up with the technology they are using in order to make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Consumer convenience

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to make life easier, and smartphones and tablets are the key to convenience.  Companies who use smartphone and tablet technology in order to reach their consumers through interactive applications definitely see success because it adds to the convenience consumers are looking for.  Life only gets busier as time goes by and consumers need quick and efficient ways to purchase their favorite products.  Interactive marketing apps are a great way for consumers to do just that.  Companies who have interactive marketing apps find that business continues to grow because consumers appreciate the convenience the applications provide.

Engaging with consumers

Companies have to be careful when it comes to mobile marketing because there is such thing as too much.  Being able to connect with consumers on their personal mobile devices is a privilege, and should be treated as such.  According to Mobile Marketer, it is important for companies to understand how consumers want to engage.  Applications are great for most consumers, especially if they are catered toward a broad range of consumers, but companies have to create applications that are interesting and promote engagement or else consumers are likely to become bored.  Companies who keep their consumers entertained with their marketing apps often generate more business because consumers promote the applications for the companies.  The great thing about a mobile world is the speed at which word can spread, and companies should take advantage of it by becoming part of the mobile world.

Giving consumers the controls

We all like to be in control, and companies should keep in mind that it is okay to give consumers the reins every once in a while.  When consumers are given the chance to control the type of marketing they receive from companies, they are more likely to stick with those companies.  Apps are a great way for consumers to have control of the marketing.  Companies do not like giving up the power, but if they take the risk they will find that consumers have great ideas and like to spread the word about their favorite brands ultimately bringing in more business.


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