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iPhone playing catch up with other players
Scott Navratil

The iPhone 5C and 5S were introduced this morning by Apple, and many rumors were found to be true. People are getting excited that their outdated iPhones will not have features only found on newer phones from other companies. It seems to me like Apple is playing catch up to add features only found from other carriers. And the pot calls the kettle black. These new features will help Apple keep its high-tech customers that want the next best thing. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Starting with your password

One of the coolest new features that everyone is talking about is the iPhone password with a fingerprint. According to CNN, the fingerprint scanner will allow for the most secure password possible on your phone. The article also pointed out that fingerprint passwords are not a new idea but has been used by other phones and computers before.

Free app could be all you need

Another thing people are getting excited about is the fact that iWork will be included on the phone. This is basically another version of Microsoft Office. The idea, according to ZDNet, is to pull people away from services such as Google Drive and cell phones that already offer similar services by providing iWork automatically on all phones. Though it was already only $5 to $10 to purchase, the app was too expensive for most people to buy when similar services were free. This is just another instance of Apple copying the competition in order to succeed.

Great phone at a low price

Another thing Apple has changed is a lower price. Instead of offering only the high quality iPhone at a really high price (5S), Apple will be selling less expensive iPhones (5C). The cheaper iPhone is aimed at developing economies, and it will hopefully bring in a lot more business overseas for Apple.

Wise investment choices

This may be a good time to buy into Apple if you think the changes are going to bring in more business, especially if you think Apple will start selling like crazy in China. Or, if you think like me, you think Apple is starting to fall behind the competition and might not be the greatest investment right now. To each his own!




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