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iPhone pushing Apple shares higher
Scott Navratil

The more a company expands, the more money it makes and the higher it profits. When a company does better, its shares increase on the stock market. That is why it is such a gamble to buy and share trades. You never know if the company is going to do something miraculous and make more money or somehow drop the ball and lose a lot. Fortunately for most Apple shareholders, it seems 2014 is going to be a great year and the prices will just go up.

Why is Apple doing well?

Apple does well already with practically a monopoly on all-thing technology. People buy Apple computers, phones, tablets, and more. On top of all that, though, is the fact that Apple just solidified a deal with China Mobile to get its iPhones sold by the cell phone carrier, according to Modern Readers. Apple’s presence in China is about to get a lot bigger, and that means sales are going to go up a lot. In fact, it is estimated that Apple sales will increase 5 percent in 2014 because of the deal.

Investors to see payoff

Investors in Apple have been wondering if the China Mobile deal was ever going to happen or if there was really any worth to that Apple stock they have been holding onto for so long. Apple could have just as easily squashed the deal leaving investors with huge losses. However, now that the deal is finally completed, it seems that the wait has paid off. From a week ago, prices have increased significantly for Apple stock, even though rumors of a quicker release of the iPhone 5 in China ended up not being true. Maybe investors need to hold on just a little bit longer if they want an even bigger payoff than expected.

When will the iPhone 5s and 5c be released?

Apple plans to release the iPhone 5s and 5c in China next month, which is a pretty quick kick-off. This is as big for Apple as the day when it was announced the the iPhone was finally going to be on other networks besides AT&T. Finally, people who have been waiting will be able to get the iPhone on the network they are most comfortable with. And China Mobile will be sure to push it too. It’s not a bad deal for either parties. Apple gets a lot more customers by selling it through a large phone carrier, and China Mobile gets a lot more customers by having a more desirable smartphone and offering it to everyone in their network. It is unknown which company will benefit more from the phones, but it is hard to avoid the fact that Apple will be doing a lot of business with a wider market. Especially considering it is estimated that Apple will sell over 40 million iPhones in just the first quarter of next year.

Only time will tell

The truth is, things can be looking really good for Apple and Apple stock right now, but news of a virus or insider trading could break next week causing Apple shares to plummet. If you are buying Apple shares, the outlook certainly looks good, but keep in mind it is still a risky decision.


Modern Readers

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