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iPhone users at Verizon get Isis
Scott Navratil

Isis mobile wallet is one of the newest inventions that is trying to keep you from having to carry a wallet around. Instead of having a bunch of credit and debit cards in your wallet, you could just scan your phone and pay through Isis. Now, iPhone users are Verizon are getting a chance to use Isis. It has been slowly released to almost all Android devices and iPhone devices with certain carriers. Now, Verizon has come up with a way to let its iPhone users take advantage of the app.

All about Isis

Isis is a program on your phone that allows you to pay for things without having to carry around any kind of credit or debit information. Just swipe your phone by the machine, and you’ve paid for your stuff. The program is extremely limited still but is expected to grow if more customers get involved. The problem with it right now is that only a few cards are accepted on it, such as American Express, Chase, or Wells Fargo. Everyone else is out of luck unless they want to sign up for a different account. The other big problem with it? Not a lot of customers have the app, so not a lot of companies feel the need to get one. Isis will be much more successful if people and companies get the technology to make it more widespread.

Verizon helping with that

Verizon wants to help with that by getting all iPhone users on the program. The catch? You have to buy a case to put on your smartphone if you want to use Isis. According to CNET, the case can cost anywhere from $70 to $80, and it is only available on the newer iPhone versions. The high cost is where people are turned off. They don’t want to pay that much money for the convenience of using Isis, especially when it still can only be used at few companies.

The competition

The only real competition to Isis out there is Google Wallet, but more people are using Isis, and Google Wallet hasn’t seemed to take off very much. The problem, for both Isis and Google, is trying to create a change in society to the way we do things. The change from cash to credit and debit cards was slow moving as well, but eventually it took off. Google Wallet may never be able to keep up with Isis since Isis has pushed really hard to create contracts with business and get people out there to start using it.

More and more things going mobile

This is a prime example of how more and more things are going mobile. Both iPhone and Android users can now use their phone to make payments at a brick and mortar store. Of course, as more things go mobile, so must you. You want to make sure you are in the same place as all of your customers and the competition if you are going to stay ahead with marketing. Text messages might be your way in to the mobile market. Try it out and see where you end up.

Source: CNET

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