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Is AI Chatbot taking over customer service?
Scott Navratil

Whether we like it or not, mobile is the future of technology. Smartphones are nifty devices that allow people to communicate with anyone they want as well as have access to all the knowledge available to mankind. In fact, 77% of US adults currently own a smartphone, a number expected to rise. So it makes sense that businesses would start putting a bigger focus on mobile marketing and customer service. And AI Chatbot is expected to be a huge part of that. But why exactly is AI Chatbot taking over?

More efficient than humans

A human can only do so much. Give them enough training, and hopefully they will always know what to do or always remember the proper procedures. And of course, there will always be a need for human customer service representatives to handle unforeseeable circumstances. However, a computer has the ability to retain training and use algorithms to predict customer interactions as well as find the best solution. They will get the customer to the right place the first time. Without human error, customer service can run much more smoothly helping customer answer questions immediately.

Mobile communications increasing

The more customers interact with businesses through smartphones, the more a business is able to effectively utilize AI Chatbot. Whether it is through chat, texting, or even phone calls, AI Chatbot can be used to analyze the incoming information and respond to the customers. While the technology isn’t 100% there yet to give the best experience, AI has been improving very quickly. In 5 years time, it would be surprising if AI Chatbot wasn’t being used by every business to communicate with their customers through their smartphones. Not only will we have the technology available, but customers will likely prefer it.

What’s the problem?

The biggest problem with using AI Chatbot when communicating with customers is that many people are still worried about the safety of their information being put online. And it is a justified concern given all the companies that have admitted to losing private information in the last few years including the most recent at GameStop. However, these concerns have put internet security under a spotlight encouraging more and more companies to go after it and focus on securing personal information. Even just in the last couple of years, online security has gotten significantly better. Recording and storing information has become easier and more secure than ever.

Another concern many businesses have is that a computer can’t ever produce the same results as a human who can engage with the customer to determine how best to proceed. The truth is, though, that most customer service representatives aren’t in tune with customers to be able to predict or engage with the customer as needed anyway. And if the good representative is having a bad day or personal problems, that can get in the way as well. A computer doesn’t have anything on its mind but the task at hand making it possibly to run algorithms to determine what the customer needs, their history with the company, and what the best outcomes could possibly be.

AI Chatbot may not be completely there yet, but in the next few years, we can expect to see a Chatbot take over in the customer service industry.

Chantel Fullilove

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