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Last-minute text message marketing for Black Friday
Scott Navratil

Black Friday is tomorrow, and you may have missed the boat on Black Friday sales. Or you thought you did. But it isn’t too late! You can get started right now with text message marketing, and it will help you sell even more in the next few weeks until the holidays are finished. You will want to get started right now, so you are prepared for the extra sales, but it will be worth it. And don’t forget, you still have a few days to prepare for cyber Monday!

Start with a sale

The first thing you want to do is offer some sort of sale. For all-online stores, you will want to provide a lot of on-sale items. That means offering a 20% off storewide coupon or a coupon for 15% off already on-sale items will be pretty effective. For those who have a brick and mortar store, you will want to offer a few items for huge discounts and then strategically place all your other items so customers will pick them up on their way through the store. Every company will need to decide what kind of sale will work best for them.

Marketing the sale

The next step is marketing the sale. For a lot of companies, the marketing started months ago, but there is a quick and effective way to remind your customers that you are having a sale and give them extra discounting for their customer loyalty. Send a text. With text message marketing, you can quickly send a text to all your customers notifying them that you, too are going to have a Black Friday special and that they can benefit from it.

The perfect timing

The largest retailers have started their deals already. In fact, they have been doing deals for weeks. Almost all the sales will be over before Black Friday actually begins considering most are starting later tonight. That means customers will have a lot of extra time to check your stuff on Friday, and you will get a lot more customers. Don’t try competing with the big retailers or you will lose, but you can be successful if you focus on off-time for retailers.

Text marketing right now

The text message marketing will be much more successful if you send a text right now. It may take an hour or two to figure out exactly which sale you want to do and how you want to present it, but after you have made the decision, do not delay. Your customers need to know right away that you will be having a sale so they can plan to make a stop. But don’t stop there! Sent a text again as soon as your sale is beginning to remind customers that doorbusters will be out soon, and they need to come soon if they want to get any. Also send one last text when the sale is nearly over to make sure they know the sale won’t be lasting much longer. The text message marketing will be really effective if you follow these few easy steps, but you need to get going right now if you want to get customers there for Black Friday.


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