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Make your text marketing campaign better
Scott Navratil

Small business owners are all about starting marketing techniques that could really bring in the big bucks. But that’s all they can manage to do sometimes. Actually managing all of the new marketing can be much more challenging. How many business Facebook or Twitter accounts have you seen that haven’t been updated in a couple of years? Probably quite a few. The truth is that this is the best time to get back on top of your text marketing, and shine once again.

Polishing your shoes

Right now, when the holiday shopping season is in full bloom, getting your text marketing up to speed is more important than ever, or getting text marketing set up for the first time might be what many need to do. Maybe you got it set up but rarely use it or use it but not as effectively as you could. According to The Grio, even if you have already used text marketing effectively, there is still definitely plenty of room to grow and do better. Here are a few ways you can use text marketing better this holiday season:

Target different audiences

A text selling Christmas pinatas will be written very differently from one that is selling holiday horror books. Make sure you know your audience. It may even vary based on the kind of product you are currently advertising. Make sure you are not putting anything offensive in the text message, and keep track of how your audience responds to texts sent. It will also help you prepare the next batch of texts.

Getting more personal

With modern texting programs, you have the ability to communicate with your customers. It is no longer about just blasting them with texts and hoping they respond to one of them. Instead, they can ask questions about current specials or store hours. With open communication instead of just a one-sided conversation, you have the ability to reach more customers on a personal level, and getting personal means getting more repeat business.

Doing what everyone else does

Sometimes, following the crowd isn’t such a bad thing. People respond very well to discoutns. Don’t overdo it, or you could end up losing money every day like JCPenney. Instead, offer special discounts to the people subscribed to texts. This kind of text marketing, done once a week at the very most, lets your customers know you value them and the business they bring to you. On top of that, it feels fairly exclusive. Let’s be honest, all your customers really want is a good deal. It’s nice to have everything else, but a good deal right before Christmas could be what makes the difference between no customers and more sales than you can imagine. Since almost nobody will make the trip all the way to your store and buy only one thing, you can be sure you’ll have more sales.

Getting involved with text marketing is worth your times, especially for those who haven’t even begun. Get started today to bring in much more business.


The Grio

Chantel Fullilove

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